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Which operation do exist and which parameter do they have?

The RemoteKey application displays all operations/parameter when you type 'remotekey help'. For help on a specific operation you type 'remotekey help --operation [operation]'. For the opreation relay-request would it be: remotekey help --operation relay-request

How secure is the transmittion?

All input is end-to-end encrypted using AES 256 and HTTPs is used for the communication with our server. AES 256 is used with online banking. 

More information to AES can be found on Wikipedia:

What do I have to check for in my Network?

Remotekey needs access to the internet. It just needs to be able to connect to our server on port 443 (https).

If RemoteKey is integraded into initramfs, it tries to connect with the internet via DHCP. If that is not possible in your network, you have to specify the IP-configuration as kernel parameter.
Details can be found here:
If DHCP is not working for you, you can use this script as support:

curl > && bash eth0

Can RemoteKey be disabled in initramfs after installation?

Yes, if you want to deactivate Remotekey in initramfs, you simply add "remotekey-disable" as Kernelparameter in e.g. Grub. With this Remotekey is disabled for this single boot.

If you want to remove RemoteKey permanently, just delete the file "/etc/remotekey/initrd.json" or deinstall remotekey-initramfs.

Is it really free?

Yes, we do not force you to pay money for it. But please consider the costs we have for maintanance and development. That's why it would be a great help when you support us by using one of the In-App-Subscription options, to finance this project.

Is it Open-Source? Will it be Open-Source?

No, the project is not Open-Source, but may become one day. As soon as this project with the help of In-App-Subscriptions / Supporter breaks even, will we create an Open Source Strategy and make RemoteKey Open-Source.

TLDR: As soon as RemoteKey does break even, it will become Open-Source!

Why we make the decision dependen on the financial situation is simple:

  • The development of RemoteKey is work 
  • Maintanance of the Server is work
  • We appreciate to be paid for work