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Privacy statement for RemoteKey


This app is developed by Softwarehaus Bellenberg GmbH, Ziegleistra├če 7 - 89287 Bellenberg - Germany.

Data and usage

The listed data are requested and used by the app:

- Camera: Used for scanning of qr codes

All data is stored and managed on device. They are stored until deleted by the user.

For full functionality the app might perform communication with out servers. All information send from your devices are End-To-End encrypted and are only stored on your servers until the operation is finished with a maximum time of 30 minutes.

Every access to the server is logged, which is used to protect the server against missuse. These data is handled securely and is shared with nobody.

To send notifications we use Firebase Cloud Messaging ( and/or Apple Notification Push Service ( This service is only used for notifications, no sensible data is trasmitted. To be able to use this service, it is neccessary to hold a token generated by Google/Apple on our servers. This token is anonymised and will be deleted after 48 hours if no longer needed (e.g. deletion of the app).


Date: 23.01.2020