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What is RemoteKey?

The idea behind RemoteKey is to be able to enter passwords secure and comfortable, when traditionally the input would be uncomfortable or complex.

For example, when you boot your encrypted server. Usually you connect to the machine with a KVM-Console or be there in person to enter the password.

With RemoteKey this is reduced to a quick look at your smartphone and 2-3 taps!

Other examples can be found here.

What ist RemoteKey not?

  • It's no Password Manager:
    • The Smartphone-App supports AutoFill, but is no Password Manager
    • There are many good Password Manager: e.g.: Bitwarden (
  • It's no encryption tool:
    • Encryption is used to tranfer information safe
    • To encrypt many/big files, there are more elaborate tools out there.

So, what can you do with it?

  • Decrypt your Linux-Machine at boot (zfs root and cryptsetup)
  • Safe method to enter passwords for apache boot, keystore in fastlane, etc.
  • Motivates usage of safe passwords, since manual input is no more needed
  • Scripts can ask active the administrator/developer what to do in error cases
  • Control your machine via a menu

You can achieve this with other tools, whats better?

  • Your machine needs NO FIXED IP! DHCP is ok!
  • The machine must NOT BE DIRECT REACHABLE. It only needs internet access.
  • Smartphone App supports AutoFill. So you can manage your Passwords with your Password Manager.
  • If an input is required, the user is informed. The machine does not wait until somebody finds the time to look.

How secure is it? Very!

  • Input is end-to-end encrypted with AES 256.
  • Data is routed via HTTPs.
  • You know the public ip of the machine requesting the input
  • We use RemoteKey on our own Computers/Servers!

So far, so good. Is it pricy?

The service is free of charge and free of advertisement.

But the maintanance of server and code costs money. So we would appreciate if you could support the project via In-App-Subscription.



Install the Smartphone-App and the application on your system.